Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh Really?

Things idiots say....on the internet.

"I hate complainers.  They make me stabby."  After posting 7 posts in a row on a blog complaining.

Seriously, I follow like 70 bajillion blogs.  One in particular is like my crack.  Not because it's well written.  Not because it's popular (because, for some reason it is).  But because it's my entertainment.  The writer will literally complain every day about someone or something.  Every Day.  And then, she complains in her comments and twitter feed about how she hates people who complain.  I have mastered the art of laughing at the blog rather than commenting about the idiocy of the whole situation.  Oh and if the blogger isn't complaining?  Then the post is about her awesome parenting skills.  Bwahhahahahahaha.  Waiting for a troll.  ha!

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