Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey, thanks for that!

Things idiots teachers.

"I wish I had an easy job like yours."

Seriously?  Oh I'm sorry, you're right, while teachers bring home hours worth of work, you leave work and you're done.  It's soo easy to teach children everything from scratch.  It's like nothing to spend hours planning.  Oh and if they can't find you a sub, you don't get to miss work if you're deathly ill.  Do you ever miss your lunch hour?  (20 min at school)  Do you get to use the restroom when you need to?  Get a drink?  Make a phone call?  If you're having trouble with something, do you get to go find someone to help you?  Do you have a required meeting with every customer 2-3 times a year where you are critiqued?  Do your customers meet once a month to talk about what you do wrong?  Does the public constantly complain about how much money you make for how little you do?  Do you have to appease 25-30 people at once, with different wants and needs, and you are required to do so or risk losing your job, for  hours a day?

Yes, teachers have an *easy* job.

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